Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Opportunities to Promote Professionalism
Is your organization known for its commitment to professionalism? As an AIC Member you make the statement that you are committed to professionalism in the construction industry. Why not have your organization make the same statement? AIC now has Corporate Sponsorships available that will establish your organization as a strong supporter of AIC and its mission of fomenting professionalism in the construction industry.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsorship packages are available for as low as $750 annually and include such added benefits as; individual AIC Memberships, Newsletter subscriptions, Journal subscriptions, discounts on educational programs, publication discounts, website listings and advertising, newsletter listings, directory listings and advertising discounts, education sponsorships at Midyear and Annual Meetings, Annual Awards sponsorships and Recognition Plaque. All bebefuts are geared to get your company name in front of your competition in association with the AIC image of professionalism. Contact the AIC office for details on becoming a Corporate Sponsor. Make this the year that your organization takes a stance to promote itself and professionalism in the industry by joining AIC in its mission and becoming an AIC Corporate Sponsor.

For more information on becoming a Corporate Sponsor, contact the AIC National Office by email, or at the address/phone number listed below.