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Five Things to Do in Paris

Paris- the cultural capital of the world, and for a wonderful reason. The people, the food, the fashion, the activities- what bliss! Here are the top five entertaining activities you can do in Paris.

Louvre Museum

Considered the quintessential art museum, the Louvre Museum has some of the finest art pieces globally. These pieces come from many countries and throughout the ages. One famous piece includes the Mona Lisa by the renowned Leonardo Da Vinci. If you’re into art, then the Louvre Museum is the perfect place for you!

Notre Dame de Paris

When you think about Notre Dame, you’re either thinking about the Disney film or religion. But the Notre Dame in Paris has more things that stand out. First constructed in the early 1200s and finished by the early 1300s, this beautiful cathedral allows you to climb up the towers and grab a beautiful view of Paris- just like Quasimodo! There’s also a garden behind the cathedral you can only see from the top, but you’re not allowed in that part of the building. Notre Dame is a magnificent place to visit if you’re into beautiful buildings!

French Cuisine

We all need food to survive, and some foods taste better than others, especially if they’re French. That’s why we recommend trying out the authentic French cuisine in the world’s cultural capital. Paris is home to many delightful restaurants like Il Etait un Square, La MiN, and Cafe Blanche. Food is necessary, but some foods are better than others. If you prefer French cuisine, then trying it out is the perfect thing to do in Paris!

Paris Catacombs

Paris is the city of romance. At least, that’s what it’s presented as most of the time. But for those who desire something darker, the Paris Catacombs is the perfect place for you. Before the late 18th century, Parisians were buried in cemeteries. But as the city grew, there was less room, so they had to use the limestone quarries 65 feet below. It took 12 years to move around six million corpses from all the graves into what is now one of the most historical places in Paris. Whether you want to fulfill a morbid curiosity or a quick scare, the Paris Catacombs is a great place to visit.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower- the most iconic place in Paris and one of the most iconic in the world! Constructed in 1887 and completed in 1889, this monument has been used in many films as a backdrop. You can enjoy the sunset and eat at two restaurants- Le 58 and Le Jules Verne. The Eiffel Tower is the go-to place in Paris!


There’s a reason why Paris is considered the world’s cultural capital, and these five things to do are part of it. Maybe this is a good time to start a new hobby; check out to find out more!