Membership in AIC

Who may join the American Institute of Constructors?

The Institute will accept qualified individuals engaged in construction work as manager, practitioner, or administrator in installation, design or survey within a construction organization. In addition, persons associated with the construction process are also eligible including students and teachers of the science and practice of construction and those engaged in construction research. Whether the person is associated with the construction of buildings, bridges, highways, factories, or homes, the Institute gives the constructor a place to hang his professional hat.

How does a person qualify for membership?

Membership is limited to those individuals meeting specified requirements. Applicants must complete a prescribed application form, obtainable from the institute. There are several different levels of membership. Click here to go to the “Ladder of Opportunity”

How does the Institute benefit its members?

The American Institute of Constructors fills a need that has long existed but has only recently been recognized. This is the need for people in construction to attain professional stature. This is not simply a luxury. Rather, given construction’s mounting complexities, professional stature is an important asset in the individual practitioner’s daily activities. Membership in the American Institute of Constructors tells people within construction – and those outside as well – that “this person has earned professional status through education, experience, service and conduct.” The Institute also helps members to exchange ideas with others within the profession and to keep abreast of recent technical developments. Perhaps most importantly, the institute allows each member to put something back into the profession – by contributing time and effort toward meeting the important goals the institute has set.