Professional Certification


The Certified Professional Constructor process provides the Constructor with formal recognition of the education and experience that defines the Constructor as a Professional.

The certification program’s goal is to provide voluntary, non-governmental certification. The plan is no way aimed at increased licensing by governmental bodies.

The certification process was developed without intent to discriminate or exclude any individual who may be qualified to achieve certification. Because Constructor Certification is aimed at those in the management and administration of the construction process, many avenues of education and experience are open. Certification is available equally for both experienced practitioners and new candidates entering the profession.

History of Constructor Certification

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC), organized in 1971 as the professional society for the practicing constructor, is the sponsoring organization for the Constructor Certification Program. AIC had been qualifying the Constructor through examinations of experience and education since its inception. In 1994 the AIC Constructor Certification Commission was organized under the auspices of AIC to expand the Constructor qualifying process to include a written examination and to offer an internationally recognized certification process to AIC members and nonmembers alike. The certification process is peer developed and is intended to set high standards for skills, knowledge, education and conduct for the Certified Constructor.

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