Character Traits Inherent to the World's Iconic Buildings

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While architecture may not be thought of highly, no one can deny the fact that art is significant and important. Throughout history, architecture has been known to shape the history of places. There are so many iconic architectural accomplishments that have given identity to great cities, such as Paris' Eiffel Tower. So, what traits are inherent to these famous structures?


Iconic structures such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower were built at least a century ago. Classics such as the Roman Colosseum were erected in 72 AD. And while some of these structures may have witnessed the roughest of times, they remained to tell a story, and they still stand strong. That is because the material that were used to build them are resilient.

Emotional Resonance

This is actually the most defining feature of any great architectural accomplishment. Emotional resonance simply means the ability to spark emotions. Who can forget their first visit to the World Trade Center? What about a visit to India's Taj Mahal, which took 22 years to build? The answer is that no one can forget, and that is because these structures have emotional resonance attached to them.

Superior Workmanship

When it comes to the construction of a building, everything else, right from location and design to material, can be right. Still, if the workmanship is poor, the outcome may not be a great building. It takes a good construction company to do an amazing job. Looking at iconic buildings such as Gehry House, Stowe House, House of Parliament, and many more, one thing sticks out: excellent workmanship.